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Staged to Sell

Staged to Sell
  1. Start From The Outside & Work Your Way In
    The street-view of a house can be the deciding factor in whether or not a potential buyer will bother stepping foot through the front door. If it looks disastrous from the road, they assume it’s the same inside.
    Make it look inviting:

    • be sure your house number is easy to read from the road
    • don’t let that grass get to high and try planting some blooming flowers & fresh greenery
    • power wash the exterior of the house & its walkways
    • wash your windows, no one wants to see cobwebs
    • have a clean, simple welcome mat at the front door coupled with some potted plants in bloom
    • illuminate the walkway & entrance to the front door for a charming view for those night time lookers

  2. Make It Sparkle
    Shine up granite counter tops & hard wood floors, scrub the grout in between those tiles, have your carpets professionally cleaned, and make those windows crystal clear because a sparkling clean house is not only the cheapest thing you can do in staging your home but the most important as well.

  3. Don’t Be A Clutter Bug
    Seriously people…you’ve got to get rid of the clutter, period. Get things up off the floor, eliminate the decorative pieces that don’t do anything to enhance the space (your mother-in-law will understand if the porcelain angles she’s been giving you for the past 10 years have to go into hibernation for a while), and clear off counter spaces in the bathroom and kitchen. It’s important to pay attention shelving as well, whether it’s open or hidden behind doors, because the will look.

  4. Uncluttered…But Not Uninhabited
    While you should get rid of the clutter that could be distracting to buyers, the home should still feel like a home. In other words, you should stage the home without making it feel staged. Adorn the dining room table with tasteful place mats and fresh cut flowers. If it is a long table, avoid making it look too formal by opting for smaller vases spaced along the center of the table rather than having one large arrangement.

  5. Rearrange
    As tempted some of us are to push the sofa up against the wall and caddy corner chairs, you must fight the urge to do this. Rearrange your furniture in a way that creates a welcoming conversation space. After you bring that sofa off the wall and get those chairs out of the corner, try and seek symmetry with their placement in relation to one another.

  6. Keep It Neutral
    This doesn’t mean you have to paint every room in the house white, but you should try to stick with wall colors that are fairly neutral such as grays and various shades of beige or brown. Use some of the accents that didn’t go into storage during the dec-luttering step to strategically add punches of color and personality to each room.

    It’s important to include the master bedroom during this step, not only in terms of the color neutrality but gender neutrality as well. Remember, you are trying to appeal to every potential buyers that walks through the house. This mean toss the flowered bedspread and frill pillows, no bachelor is going to dig those digs.

  7. Monster In The Closet
    Potential buyers are undoubtedly going to open up every closet door in the house to get a feel for how much storage space there is. Make it easy for them by having them already open when they enter the room. You may have to store some things temporarily to get them in order, but it’s worth it. What greets them behind the door can make or break a potential buyers interest in a home so it’s important to do this right.

  8. Turn Awkward Into Awesome
    You know that awkward little nook near the stairs or alcove in the kitchen? Make use of it. That nook could be used for a quaint home office or built in shelving; and that alcove is just screaming to become a comfy built in bench for sipping tea and reading a book. Get creative to show off how awkward can in fact become awesome.

  9. The Things That Go Without Saying…But We’re Going To Say Anyway
    If you have pets, the people viewing you’re house shouldn’t be able to tell as soon as they walk in the door. Completely eliminate any pet odors, pick up any of their toys, and keep their food and water area tidy.


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